ALCO is the largest manufacturer of lubricants in the Caucasus with an annual capacity of 100,000 metric tonnes.

Ideal for value. Excellent product on par with OEM standards at affordable rates. Includes a range of over 150 synthetic, semi-synthetic and mineral products designed for industrial, commercial and specialty applications. Prepared based on 100% virgin synthetic and mineral base oils and enriched with top tier additives to deliver performance levels required by OEMs.


Aminol is created to instill trust. Its products are tried and true. Aminol products are on par with OEM standards with approvals from a number of brands such as Mercedes Benz, Renault, Volvo, MAN, Mack and more. This is an excellent value product at a fair price, and it allows distributors to service a wide range of systems ranging from relatively older vehicles and machinery, to the most modern low emission and contaminant allowance ones.

    ► Wide range of servicing options
    ► 100% virgin synthetic and mineral base oils considered “the best” in the industry
    ► Quality control and assurance based on requirements set by international bodies
    ► Help in advertisement products through promotion equipment, workshop design and visuals
    ► Free independent laboratory analyses for all products shipped

    ► Free feedback mechanism to test samples in research and development of new products
    ► Tailor made solutions on high-volume orders
    ► Popular in markets and areas where we operate
    ► Global delivery
    ► Bulk and retail packaging