ALCO is the largest manufacturer of lubricants in the Caucasus with an annual capacity of 100,000 metric tonnes.

The budget solution ideal for distributors aiming to deal in quality products on price-oriented markets. Includes a full range of over 30 synthetic, semi-synthetic and mineral products. Prepared using 100% virgin synthetic and mineral base oils and enriched with top tier additives to deliver performance levels required by the customer.


Maximum is borne from the desire to eradicate extortionate lubricant costs that are demand destructive particularly in price-oriented markets. Such markets, often suffer from a lack of quality that reflects badly on the condition of the machinery operated by consumers. Our design and product development teams have therefore developed an excellent looking product that performs as well or even better than its competitors in relatively older moving machinery system. These products are ideal for distributors who deal with the maintenance of relatively older vehicles, or operators who have relatively older equipment.


Benefits of using Maximum products:

    ► Highly competitive price range
    ► 100% virgin synthetic and mineral base oils sourced responsibly
    ► Quality control and assurance based on customer technical instruction
    ► Help in advertisement products through promotion equipment, workshop design and visuals

    ► Free independent laboratory analyses for all products shipped
    ► Global delivery
    ► Bulk and retail packaging