In addition to significant output of lubricants ALCO also manufactures relatively smaller volumes of additives and specialty chemicals, including auto-chemicals

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Lubricants manufacturing facility comissioned in 2016
2016 marks the beginning of our journey with the constuction and comissioning of a lubricants manufacturing facility with an annual capacity of 35,000 mt. The facility was designed, built and comissioned by a team of German, Italian and Russian engineers. It is the largest factory in the Caucasus region in terms of capacity. Having reached maximum operation capacity in 2020 the facility was expanded to produce an annual 50,000 mt.

Quality control and R&D laboratory comissioned in 2018
In 2018, we finished constructing our second, relatively larger and more modern laboratory facility, equipped with the technology to conduct analyses on petro-chemicals and petroleum products to the precision of 1 ppm. The design of this 500 meters squared facility was designed to ensure workplace safety and the well-being of the scientists who work here. All ...

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Automotive lubricants

A significant portion of our product portfolio is focused on manufacturing 4 automotive lubricant brands which are patented by ALCO. Our automotive lubricants portfolio includes more than 200 types of product designated for application in modern vehicles as well as more classic aged vehicles.

Metalworking fluids and other specialty lubricants

Although MWF and specialty lubricants make a small part of our portfolio, these products always receive special interest by our engineers and sales support teams. We manufacture and deliver specialty products to a number of private and public entities domestically. We also export concentrates of certain products for dilution and packing by other blenders around the world.

Industrial Lubricants

Almost half of our output capacity is focused on manufacturing industrial lubricants. Our products are enriched with certain componenets to deliver the results required by buyers. Each product is tailor made to suit its technological application. Field visits and QCQA through feedback mechanisms is carried out to perfect the craft.

Deinoised fluids

In 2019 we established our first de-ionised fluids blending and packaging facility. This facility is used to manufacture a number of products including, glycol mixtures for commercial and industrial usage, concrete admixtures, maintenance fluids for commercial vehicles and industrial applications.

Marine and aero

Throughout the past few years ALCO has fulfilled a number of orders in the marine and aero lubricants field, particularly as part of government contract. We have the expertise and materials to develop such lubricants for modern technologies as well as relatively aged machines.

Additives and specialty chemicals

ALCO manufactures a number of additives which are used in house and also exported to customers around the world. We also manufacture a number of specialy chemicals which are packed in bulk and shipped to other blenders for dilution, packing and resale.