ALCO is the largest manufacturer of lubricants in the Caucasus with an annual capacity of 100,000 metric tonnes.

Ultra-reliable solution exceeding OEM requirements for professionals operating in high-price markets. Includes a range of over 150 synthetic or semi-synthetic products for the automotive sector. Prepared based on synthetic base oils and enriched with top tier additives to deliver exceptional performance.


Tomoil is a brand dedicated to manufacturing the highest standard of lubricants utilised mainly in the most modern vehicles and machinery systems. Most of the manufactured products are 100% synthetic and designated for use in systems with stringent quality requirements. Tomoil products exceed the requirements of OEMs in most parameters and are intended for distributors who deal with professional users concerned primarily with quality. The product looks exceptional, and is very reliable even under the most demanding conditions.

    ► Wide range of servicing options
    ► Highly reliable coupled with a very sleek look
    ► Synthetic base oils considered “the best” in the industry
    ► Quality control and assurance based on specific individual requests
    ► Help in advertisement products through promotion equipment, workshop design and visuals


    ► Free independent laboratory analyses for all products shipped
    ► Free feedback mechanism to test samples in research and development of
    ► New products
    ► Global delivery
    ► Bulk and retail packaging