Our dedicated logistics and customs team operates as an individual unit, helping us deliver your products all around the globe

You need to optimize your supply chain performance, improve predictability and mitigate potential problems. Our experts take full control of advanced chemical transports, ensuring the safety and security of your chemical product. The Chemical sector is a very fragmented and volatile market characterized by different requirements. The ALCO chemicals experts are aware of these differences within the sector and act accordingly. We understand trends like consolidation and specialization. In case you need immediate capacities e.g. for your batch production we are usually quickly able to arrange the required loading meters. With our outbound logistics solutions we also serve the demands of your customers.


‚ÄčOur Chemical experts have broad knowledge and detailed understanding of the industry-specific details and requirements. Chemical competence centers located next to the main Chemical production places offer the best experience for your goods. All operational processes are adapted to the industry´s specific needs: GPS supervision, knowledge in chemical specific empties handling, central monitoring and reporting etc.

Some liquid loads, in particular lubricants, autochemicals and additives, are better handled by professionals.


Our dedicated team of engineers and logistics and customs specialists are well versed in transporting liquids all around the globe.


Our experience lies in transporting hazardous and non-hazardous liquids in:


• 20 and 40 foot flexitank containers,

• iso-tank containers


We cover multimodal transportation of container from one point to another including transportation by sea, rail or road. Throuhgout the years we have reached significant transported volumes in terms of liquids, and now we offer our customers the opportunity to take advantage of our competitive edge.

Our awareness of regulations and costs in different jurisdictions allows us to choose the most optimal route for transportation. Our familiarity with the pros and cons of different ports allows us to choose a non-delayed route for transporting our goods.


Our knowledge of infrastructure in different countries particularly for terminalling and handling liquids, allows us to transport in the most parsimonious way without wasting money or time on costly movements.