ALCO is the largest manufacturer of lubricants in the Caucasus with an annual capacity of 100,000 metric tonnes.

Ethylene glycol

As part of manufacturing antifreeze and other auto-chemicals we keep MEG in stock.


Our customers are welcome to ask for this product. It can be delivered in a number of different packing options ranging from 200 lt. plastic drums to bulk.


We stock significant amounts of technical urea to blend AUS 32 or AdBlue. In the past we have also delivered agricultural grade urea to our network of customers.


This products is almost always in stock and our customers are welcome to ask for it.


We stock almost 10 kt of additives, and work direct with a number of processors who make raw materials for additives and finished products.


We are more than happy to share our knowledge with our customers, and help them acquire these products for a fair price.


Currently we are building our additives trade portfolio and manufacturing the product as well.


After comissioning the de-ionised fluids blending facility we began marketing our products. We realised that there was significant demand globally.


Therefore we began to outsource manufacturing of certain autochemicals and spray lubricant to resell under out brand to our wide network of customers.

Base oil

Using out storage capacity of 10 kt in Azerbaijan, and an additional 10 kt in Georgia, we are able to deliver base oil in both iso-tank containers, and vessels.


We are in the process of forming strategic, long-term partnerships with global industry leaders to supply different grades of base oil.