Corporate responsibility


ALCO LLC aims to be a responsible partner by adapting a conscious approach to civil rights, environmental protection laws, workplace safety rules, and employee protection in manufacturing and delivering a variety of service fluids. Acting in a responsible and accountable way in all partnerships is the reason Aminol is successful. This principle stands above all, and all other principles in the business derive from it. The commodities that we trade must be sourced responsibly to ensure that they facilitate sustainable development. We take a robust approach to responsible sourcing by seeking to identify, understand and mitigate ESG risks in our supply chain and engage with our suppliers.

Social responsibility


Certain aspects of our business transcend what is and can be written on paper.


Corporate social responsibility is our forte. Primarily, the social wellbeing and safety of our employees and management teams hold a significant weight in our corporate decision making process. Our facilities are designed to ensure the health and safety of our employees and all levels of management are encouraged to hold safety first in all of their day-to-day functions and decisions. This helps us avoid the already slim chance of accidents and unfortunate events and safeguard our people. We view the whole picture when it comes to personnel and train outstanding individuals so they can be even more brilliant, delivering a whole range of benefits to the company as a whole and to themselves and individuals in their surrounding. Furthermore, as a company we take interest in the mental well-being of our employees, holding meetings with the presence of the HR department to assess the psychologies of the individuals who form a part of the whole.


As part of our pandemic related measures that began in 2019, with the voluntary emergency shutdown and disinfection of our facilities despite the fact that there had been no Covid-19 cases, all of our employees and management teams have been vaccinated with at least two doses on site. We engage in constant disinfection of our facilities, boost the caloric and vitamin value of the diets and encourage early determination of ilnesses to prevent the spread of the coronavirus and any other ilnesses that will follow in the future.


In terms of individuals outside our organisation, we always make efforts to give back to the communities where we operate as much as we can. We participate in fundraisers, donate to charities, and take a particular interest in helping disadvantages children who have lost their parents or been abandoned by their guardians. By taking a sympathetic approach to our community, we have developed channels in which we gain from the local community as well. For example, we always hire as many people as possible from local communities taking into account their academic or skills achievements. We believe that too much outsourcing in terms of manual labour and management leads to adverse results and people who “know the lay of the land” are generally more productive in tense or crisis situations. Through giving, we have gained, and the main form of that gain is through the talented, brilliant people who we have discovered, who would otherwise go unnoticed.


To sum up the whole picture we are also a company aiming for zero emissions. For example, all of our in-house vehicles are electrically powered, to reduce pollutant emissions. Our facilities have been equipped with the most modern equipment to minimise emissions during both industrial and commercial heating processes. Our waste is properly managed through the usage of pools to hold and neutralise pH levels of waste products before drainage.